About Me

Hello there, I’m Sara.



Welcome to my little corner of the interweb where you can read, learn, and share! First I drink the kawa (coffee in Polish), then I DIY all the things… and voila: diyandkawa was born.

What is there to know about me?

I speak and write fluently in Polish.
I am addicted to reading books and articles about natural health.
Playing 80s & 90s music results in my ridiculous dancing and singing.
My shortness requires a stool or tall person to reach things for me.
I could live in pajamas [some might argue I already do].
I believe in doing what makes you smile.


Do you want beauty, health, and cleaning products with ingredients you can pronounce?

Pick up a container of all purpose cleaner, a tube of lipstick, hairspray, or a shampoo bottle. Turn it around. Now try to pronounce or explain the list of ingredients [unless you are some kind of scientist…]Ethylene oxideMethylisothiazolinoneDiethanolamine, just to name a few… I don’t want those anywhere near my body, home, or family. We should be educated about ingredients in products we use daily, along with the damaging effects they can have on our health.

I have taken many steps on my journey towards natural living. One step after another because it takes time to form new habits. No I’m not perfect [uh… who really is?] but am on a mission to remove toxins from my life and replace them with effective and natural alternatives.

My journey started with trying to treat minor health issues (acne, UTIs, migraines, sensitivity to fragrance) and snowballed into something much more! When I realized natural alternatives began to work more effectively than many commercial products… there was no turning back. Here I am to share with you my journey to health and natural living. Grab your own cup of kawa, snuggle into a cozy spot, and get reading [there is so much I would love to share with you]!